Yellow Noodles with Pork

yellow noodles 1

I had seen this noodle vendor plenty of times before, but she’s much too close to my mataba lady, and usually if I’m on that stretch of sidewalk, I end up making a beeline for the mataba lady.  The other night, though, I looked down at what the people were eating near that stand and just really wanted to have some of it, too.  So I pointed to what one of the guys was eating and said I wanted that, too, and this is what I got.  It came with a bowl of broth, which I’m sure you’re supposed to eat separately from the noodles, but which I’m also sure you could get away with pouring right over top of the noodles and creating your very own noodle soup (and if anyone looks at you askance for doing that, they’ll likely forgive you immediately when they see that you’re just a silly falang).

yellow noodles 3 yellow noodles 2


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