Thai Cooking Class: Deep Fried Bananas

Deep fried bananas is one if my favourite thai snacks. Naturally, when I realised it was one of the options at the cooking class, I became very excited. Even though the other guy wanted to do mango with sticky rice (which is also delicious), unlike the curry situation, I was unwilling to budge on my choice of dessert. In the end, I ended up watching on as he made mango with sticky rice while he got to look over my shoulder as I learned about deep fried bananas.


First, slice the bananas length-wise. If you’re using the long variety of banana popular in North America, cut each length in half once.


In the cooking class I took, we mixed this ready-made flour with some coconut milk and sesame seeds to make a batter to dip the bananas in. If you can’t find this type of flour, I’m sure it would probably be fin to mix some normal flour with baking powder and some sugar as a substitute for the pre-packaged stuff.


This may not be the most helpful description, but the batter was somewhere between runny and not runny. It had a consistency similar to pancake batter, but with fewer lumps.


Once you’ve dipped your bananas in the batter, you’re ready to fry them in some hot oil. Be careful as you place each banana slice in the oil, as it may splash back up at you, and you don’t want that.


Fry the bananas until they are golden brown on all sides. Remove from oil, and allow to drain and cool before consuming.


Bon appetit!

If you are planning a trip to Chiang Mai and you want to take a cooking class, you can find Madam a Thai near Thapae gate at 2/5 Tapae soi 6 Road or on Facebook at madamthaicookeryschool.


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