Hello, my name is not Mary and I eat food.

Food is a seriously big part of my life. I love food and will go out of my way for good food or interesting food. When I was little, my mom used to encourage me and my brothers to be “food explorers”.  We came from a small town on the prairies and most of my relatives are either farmers or ranchers, so my mom was probably trying to get me and my brothers to eat the bunnies that we raised, or the chicken gizzard and/or heart from the chicken my mom had slaughtered herself, or even prairie oysters (this is a thing my family used to do, but not anymore, which is a shame because I am actually too young to remember prairie oysters, but I am intrigued).  I spent a good chunk of my life eating simple, hearty prairie fare: rib roasts, beef stew, T-Bone steaks.  I didn’t have much contact with ethnic food until I left for university, but even then, I was too timid to try much of it.  My love affair with exotic food really started when I moved away from Canada and started a life as an expatriate.

Travel is a huge part of being an expatriate.  Even if you’re a bit unmotivated (like me) and don’t go on many weekend trips outside of the city where you live, your life is still a constant adventure because the city where you live is probably vastly different from the city which you grew up in.  Thus, as an expatriate, you are always travelling, even if it rarely feels like it.  And a big part of travel is FOOD.  I think it’s such a pity that people who go abroad end up planning their meals around where the McDonalds and Burger Kings are and when in their day are they likely to be near one.  Either that, or they go for “safe” options– overpriced restaurants offering not-so-good Western food or overpriced restaurants offering a cleaned-up version of the local food.  While the overpriced local restaurants might be a great way to dip your toe in, I really hope that eventually you’ll have the courage to plunge in headfirst into all of the delicious local foods that other countries have to offer.

I have a feeling that my posts on this new blog will be somewhat sporadic. It’s not always that I’m eating interesting food. I get food poisoning a lot where I live (once a month, at least), so that scares me off from trying too many of the local foods.  I love to cook big elaborate meals and bake big elaborate desserts, but I live alone and it’s just too expensive and time-consuming to always cook like that, so my standard dinners are along the lines of shin ramyeon, pasta with marinara sauce, and scrambled eggs, and I’m pretty sure no one wants to see pictures of my home-cooked cheap ramyeon, cheap pasta, or scrambled eggs (or DO you?). BUT while I AM eating interesting food, Ima gonna share.  I hope you enjoy it.  Mmmthanks for visiting.



Psssst, over here!  PS: If you’re here because you love food, feel free to ignore this post scriptum.  If you’re here, however, because you love my pictures or you love travel, please check out my other blog over here.  Mmmmthanks again.


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