Sticky Rice with Banana or Coconut Wrapped in a Banana Leaf

sticky rice 1

On the way to the Starbucks where I like to use wifi, there is a kind of covered sidewalk market.  I generally try to avoid that side of the street, because what with all of the stalls and the people, and everyone slowing down to take a closer look at the food on offer or to buy stuff, it’s really slow and frustrating to go through that market, and I am not the most patient person known to (wo)mankind.  But on the side of the street opposite the covered sidewalk market is a vendor who has fallen irredeemably in love with me, and every time I walk past, he shouts at me, “Really, I love you.  I love you so much!”  The other night as I walked past him, he took my arm and made me stop and shouted to every single passer-by, “I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  SHE IS SO PERFECT!”  And while the compliment is flattering, it also made me feel uneasy.  Maybe I’m just not used to people liking me.  So today, I crossed on over to the other side of the street to avoid proclamations of love, and as I was picking my way through the covered sidewalk market, I noticed a couple of vendors who had some banana leaf packages roasting on their grill, and well, you might have figured it out by now that I kind of sort of have a little thing for anything which is served in a banana leaf.  So I stopped in my tracks and asked what was inside (sincerely hoping that answer would not be pickled pork), and they told me it was sticky rice with either banana or coconut.  It only cost 10 Baht per packet, so I bought one of each.

sticky rice 3 sticky rice 2

Normally, I really love coconut, except there is this kind of pinkish candied coconut which is just too candy-like and I just don’t like it, and that was what was inside the coconut sticky rice, but the banana one was absolutely perfect.  I’ll proclaim it loud and proud to the world: REALLY, I LOVE THIS BANANA STICKY RICE!  IT IS SO PERFECT!

sticky rice 4

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