Peachy Guesthouse, Bangkok

Casa Nithra only had a vacant room for one night, so I had to find a different room for my last three nights in Thailand. On a whim and a hunch, I decided to see if there were any spots available at Peachy. I had had so many intentions of treating myself to fancy hotels during my entire stay in Thailand, but there was just an invisible string drawing me back to Peachy.

You see, when I was down and out, Peachy is where I lived. It’s a tiny bit noisy and it’s full of dirty obnoxious hippies, but for a private room with a shared bathroom it’s 120 baht per night which is roughly 4 USD. To get a sense of just what a good deal that is, you would normally be hard-pressed to find a bed in a dorm for less than 150 baht, and most other private room/shared bathroom deals are about 180 baht and above. Peachy is the cheapest accommodation around, not to mention the best value. I can understand why the dirty obnoxious hippies like it so much. I’d just appreciate if they understood that some non smokers are no smokers because it makes us physically ill. I mean, wouldn’t it match with hippy dippy ideals to take everyone’s interests to heart and just go outside for your smoke?

Anyway, I digress. Unbeknownst to me, when my friends at Peachy knew I was back in Bangkok, they reserved one of the coveted corner rooms for me (the corner rooms are a little darker at night and quite a bit larger than most of the other rooms).

I’m glad I went back to Peachy for those last three nights in Bangkok. I hadn’t realised how much Peachy had become my home, but coming back to Peachy really was like coming home. It’s a place where I’m welcome, where I belong, and that is such a pleasant, calming feeling to have, to know that if nothing else is right in the world for me, I have a place where I can go back to.


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