Sixty House, Chiang Mai

Unfortunately for me, Rom Po was only available for one night, which meant that after my one night in a beautiful boutique hotel, I had to go looking for something else. It being just two days before New Years, vacant rooms in Chiang Mai were beyond scarce. Finally I found Sixty House, which had a room vacant for two nights, but only if I was okay with a fan room. Considering that when I had lived in Thailand (during the hot season, no less) all I’d been able to afford was a fan room, and considering it was now the cool season, I was okay with accepting the fan room. I was airtime worried about the quality and cleanliness of the room when they told me the price (only 280 baht per night for a room with a private bathroom), but at this point, I really couldn’t afford to be choosy unless I wanted to end up sleeping on the street and you know what? I was actually pleasantly surprised when I finally got to see the room. Sure, it was very small, but it was absolutely clean and it even had two small windows, so in the end, I lucked into a very cheap, very clean little guesthouse.

image image


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