Navalai River Resort, Bangkok

Alright, this is a blog about food, but my thinking here is that some really nice hotels also do really nice food, so I want to share both the photos of the beautiful room and of the beautiful food.

Navalai River Resort is an interesting building on Pra Arthit Road. It’s imposing and impressive in a classy, relaxed, understated way both from the road side and for the river side.

One thing I really liked about Navalai was that when I checked in, I was disheveled and filthy (literally– my flip flops had broken which meant I’d been walking around barefoot which meant my feet were black) and my baggage was just one tiny backpack (not a traveling backpack, just a regular backpack– I’m a light traveler), but instead of treating me like I didn’t belong and shooing me out the door, the guy who checked me in was very friendly and welcoming. Score one for Navalai!

He also gave me this delicious welcome drink:


Since it was the holiday season, I was charged the (inflated) holiday price. I paid 4200 thai baht, which seems like a lot to me, but if you’re used to hotel prices in North America or Europe, it may not seem like that much to you.

The rooms themselves were pretty standard, although very nice for me after my years of poverty that I’m just now starting to pull myself out of. Each room came with a huge balcony, but it’s a shame I didn’t think to photograph the balcony.


There is a window in the bathroom. I thought this was an interesting, if not a little strange, touch to the room sat Navalai, although I soon discovered after a few more nice hotels in Thailand that windows in the bathroom seem to be a trend here. Go figure…


There was a buffet breakfast included in the room price. I do have a picture of that breakfast, but it’s on a different phone, so I’ll have to add it later. For now, I’ll just share this story about it: the seating area in the restaurant attached to Navalai is an outdoor terrace which faces the pier. When I lived in Bangkok and when I was just scraping by, I used to ale the boat to work early in the morning. The first boat of the morning coincided with the breakfast buffet starting, so every morning, I would stand in the pier waiting for my boat and watch those early risers enjoying their breakfast buffet, hating them because I was sad and lonely and hungry and poor and they were not, and the cast majority of those people didn’t know how lucky they were.


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