Ninjabread Men

These are not a new thing (I definitely saw them in a magazine a year or so ago), although I still think they’re cool enough to warrant a mention: Ninjabread Men!  Yep, you read that right, and these ninjabread men totally kick ass, no?  For however cool I think they are, though, I also think it’s best if I leave them at the store because, for however much I like to bake, I’m not terribly artistic.  I like to make delicious food, but I could care less about wasting time piping little icing lines onto cookies to show to all my friends on pinterest.  If you do like this kind of activity, that’s totally cool, too.  To each his or her own, amirite?


The Ninjabread Men cutters even come with a recipe. Unfortunately, the antitheft device obscures most of the method, but if you’re an experienced baker, you can probably guess at most of it anyway, so I’m going to share it.

image image


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