A Very Krispy Kreme Kristmas

Since Krispy Kreme in Kuwait had not gotten into the holiday spirit, it never really occurred to me that Krispy Kreme in other countries DO get into the holiday spirit until I was in Siam Paragon standing right in front of Krispy Kreme staring down some snowflake donuts and snowmen donuts.

As I waited in line, I had to put up with a mother and her very annoying young son behind me. Steven (or Stephen) was the kids name. He kept running around wild all over the place. Sure, he was only about 5 or 6, but I firmly believe at that age, kids ought to understand a little about boundaries and respect and leaving strangers the fuck alone, but he had no respect for my personal space and kept bumping and crashing into my knees and bum. Not once did his mother suggest to him that he should leave the nice lady in front of them alone. The kid also suggested to his mother no fewer than five times that there was a faster way to move through the line if only they just moved ahead of all these other people, and he attempted to demonstrate his point at least three times by actually going off on his own and standing near the front of the line. When all was said and done and we had all arrived at the front of the line, his mother said to him, “Well done Steven (or Stephen)! You’re SO good at waiting in lines!” I wanted to turn around and give that woman a piece of my mind, tell her that enduring her son bumping and crashing into my entire backside throughout the wait in the line had not been pleasant and had indeed bordered on obnoxious, tell her that any kid who insists over and over again on cutting the line is actually not good at waiting in line, and also tell her that it’s irresponsible to congratulate him on behaviours he is not actually good at because then when he goes to school he thinks he’s a master at behaving because his mother said so and it is me, the teacher, who now has to deal with this kid who is convinced that his poor behaviour is actually the prime example of excellent behaviour. But I didn’t say any of that. I just rolled my eyes and walked away with a sigh in my heart.

Anyway, back to doughnuts. By the time I got around to actually buying any doughnuts, they had run out if snowmen, which is how I ended up with the holiday tree and a snowflake. Actually, the holiday tree was probably a happy accident, because it turns out it was filled with delicious chocolate.  I don’t know for sure whether the snowman would have had a filling or whether it would have just been a big doughy snowman, but I can promise you that the snowflake most certainly did not have any filling. A doughnut without a hole in the middle that has no cream or jelly filling lacks a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. It lacks joie de vivre. Krispy Kreme, you did alright this Christmas, but you could have had even a little more Christmas fun.


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