A Stickhouse Christmas

Have I ever talked about the Stickhouse before?  They make a mojito popsicle that will make you melt.  The first time I ever had their mojito popsicle, I was left reeling for days from how good it had been.  I just could not stop thinking about it.  Maybe later, I’ll show you a picture of a mojito popsicle from the Stickhouse, but for now I want to focus on all that is good about Christmas at the Stickhouse.  First, they decorated their giant popsicles with knitted toques, which I thought were adorbs.  Then, they had quite a big selection of holiday popsicles which made it very difficult to choose just one (but you must choose just one, not only because you don’t want to appear gluttonous, but also because at $4-5 per popsicle, it’s no cheap treat.  I ended up choosing the lone little merry berry Santa and he was delicious, but before I got a chance to actually eat my chocolate Santa, he fell to the ground.  If I were three instead of thirty, I might have cried, but instead I just kept on mosying over to Krispy Kreme, which is right beside the Stickhouse in Siam Paragon (okay, I was being just a bit gluttonous that day– you caught me).

image image image


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