Christmas Lunch at Da Stefano in Chiangmai

Being in Asia, I get Christmas lunch a little sooner than a lot of you do. Since I’m currently in Chiangmai, I’m sitting here at a nice Italian restaurant called Da Stefano. I’ve walked past this restaurant before and noticed that it’s always crowded, which is a good sign. An even better sign is that, now that I’m actually sat down, I’m noticing that a lot of the customers are actually local expatriates: always a good sign when it’s not just a tourist trap.

I kind of went to town ordering my meal, ordering more than I would normally order, ordering more expensive mains than I would normally order, and in general ordering dishes I would not normally order (it is Christmas, after all). I had a caprese salad, pumpkin soup, and a fish fillet in white wine sauce with spinach cooked in butter. I had a generous glass of red wine with my meal and a cappuccino to finish it all off with.

Lemme assure you that, after months living in dry Kuwait (and I’m not talking about the climate here), one glass of wine has me feeling so tipsy that I’m actually glad for the autocorrect function (for a change).

Merry Christmas, y’all! Feel the Christmas love!!

image image

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