Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls

Way back when I was still living in Burma, I became enamoured with this recipe for Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls over at No 2 Pencil.  Being in Burma, certain ingredients (like red velvet cake mix) were hard to find.  So I did what any sensible person would do and adapted the recipe using ingredients I could find.  And, boy, did I go to town on it.  I used a box of spice cake mix.  Then I figured, you know what goes well with spice?  Apples!  Apples go nicely with spice!  So I diced up a bunch of apples and spread those over the dough before I rolled it.  Then I thought of carrot cake and how people often put raisins in it, so I generously sprinkled a bunch of raisins over the dough before I rolled it as well.  When the rolls were finished, I topped them with a glaze.  Delicious, no?


After making these delicious cinnamon rolls, was I satisfied?  No, no!  I still wanted to have my red velvet cinnamon rolls, so I promised myself that when I went to Canada for Christmas, I would whip up a batch.  Again, a promise any sensible person would make to herself, no?  But when I actually got to Canada for Christmas and started gathering ingredients, disaster struck!  Red Velvet Cake mix was impossible to find!  Now, I’m not usually a cake mix kinda gal (I make my red velvet cake from scratch), so it had never occurred to me that I might not have an easy time getting red velvet cake mix, because I’d never had occasion to actually look for it before.  I still had my heart set on making these cinnamon rolls again, though.  I probably should have just stuck with the adaptation which I knew would turn out really well, but I can’t help myself when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen, and when my brother suggested that he liked funfetti cake, I grabbed a box of that and decided to try funfetti cinnamon rolls.


Unfortunately, the funfetti in the cake mix gave my fresh rolls a slightly moldy appearance.  The taste was alright, but I don’t like serving people ugly food.  I wish I had known about Chef in Training‘s cake batter cinnamon roll recipe when I’d made the funfetti rolls because I have a hunch they would have turned out better that way.


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