Meatball Quiche

I’m going to take a break this week from posting about the food I’m eating here in Kuwait to reminisce a bit about foods from Christmas past.

Last Christmas, I was back home in Canada. It was actually my first canadian Christmas in SIX years. Anyway, since I don’t normally gave an oven when I live abroad, I was keen to do some serious cooking and baking. One of the first things that I wanted to make was a quiche. On Christmas morning, I was going to make a quiche Lorraine and a crab and shrimp quiche, but upon landing in Canada, I was a little over eager to get my quiche on and announced to my brother and his wife that I wanted to make a quiche for them for dinner. They said fine, but they gave one stipulation: they had a ton of leftover meatballs that had to get used up.

This quiche suddenly called for some serious creativity, but never fear! I love getting creative in the kitchen. I spent the better part of the afternoon painstakingly slowly caramelising some onions. Then I made and rolled out a dough, which needed some unplanned for creativity: my brother and his wife are not the baking types, so they do not own a rolling pin. What to do to roll out this dough?! Fortunately, they’d had a big party a few nights earlier, so there were plenty of empty wine bottles kicking around. I grabbed one, cleaned it up, dried it and voila! Rolling pin!

Once I’d gotten around the rolling pin obstacle, I spread the caramelised onions over the crust. Then I built up layers of meatballs, zucchini rounds, and mozzarella. When the quiche was full to the top, I poured over an egg, milk, and cream mixture. Finally, I baked until the whole thing was golden brown and beautiful on top.

It certainly did look beautiful. Until you cut into it, that is. Then it was a soupy mixture of stuff. Even though I’d sprinkled the zucchini rounds with salt to remove some of the moisture, there was still much too much moisture from the zucchini. It didn’t affect the taste (delicious), but I was disappointed that we couldn’t cut it into actual slices. My actual Christmas morning quiche looked much prettier after being cut, but I didn’t take any pictures of that.




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