Throwback Thursday: Christmas at Tim Horton’s

The other day, I was at Tim Hortons in the Avenues Mall. I’d decided to treat myself to an iced cappuccino. As I was ordering, I noticed that the donuts jived better with a Spring theme than with a Christmas theme, so full-well knowing the answer I jokingly said to the guy, “No Christmas donuts?” The guy who was working, who was Filipino, gave the standard Filipino service person answer. That is, he told me what he thought I wanted to hear (“Coming soon, madam!”) and not the actual truth (“Not a fat chance in hell we’ll get Christmas donuts in Kuwait”). I don’t know why they think this constitutes good service. Most customers don’t appreciate being lied to.

Anyway, it did get me thinking about candy cane boston creams and candy cane lattes and candy cane hot chocolates which Tim Hortons offered in Canada last year (and probably this year as well.)




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