Advent Calendar

I was in Carrefour yesterday and noticed they had advent calendars in stock, something I wasn’t expecting to see in Kuwait, even in Carrefour. I snatched one up thinking it’d be a fun addition to my classroom, but then I realised that as it’s already 8th December, it might not be too practical to introduce an advent calendar into my classroom. That’s a lot of chocolate in one day and a lot of kids would end up feeling left out today. So I guess I’ve got an advent calendar for my home and a lot of chocolate to catch up on, myself. This morning, I just ate the one chocolate for 8th December and ohmygod was it good! The advent calendars of my childhood in Canada were fun not because we got a delicious chocolate each day (the chocolates tended to be cheap and bland), but because of the thrill of opening a new door each day. But the French! (Carrefour is a French company, after all) The French know how to make an advent calendar. These chocolates are melt in your mouth good with a soft chocolate or pralinee centre… something to really look forward to each day.


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