McDonalds in Kuwait

This is a blog post I’ve tried to write before, but at the moment I’m managing this blog on an iPhone. Last time I made this post, I was nearly finished when I pushed one wrong button by accident and it all went away. Wish me better luck this time.

Here is the McArabia. It comes in some neato packaging so you don’t have to get your hands dirty when you eat it.


After the McArabia, I was feeling a bit baleful because I didn’t think there was much unique about McDonalds in the Middle East. Then I realised that I have never seen a Chicken Big Mac anywhere but in the Middle East, so here it is. It’s basically just a chicken burger constructed like a Big Mac. It’s just okay, but it could be made much better if it had actual Mac sauce instead of plain mayonnaise.


There is also the McFizz, which I’m realising was just a limited time offer. No matter, as it’s basically just a glorified soft drink, anyway. I chose the blue one mostly because I like the colour blue, but also because it claimed to have passion fruit flavouring, and I like passion fruit. And I’d be lying if I said its name (I think it was called the Blue Lagoon) and the mention of the word “curaçao” made me think of a cocktail and whetted my thirst just a bit (but alas! this was not a cocktail, just a simple soft drink– we are in the Middle East, after all, and alcohol is haram).


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