The Kruffin

We’ve all heard of the cronut by now. I made a post awhile back about a cronut-like pastry offered at Dunkin’ Donuts in Korea called the New York Donut. It was pretty tasty.

Since I’ve been in Kuwait, I’ve noticed that Krispy Kreme here definitely does NOT offer a cronut, but they have something similarly intriguing: the kruffin! Is it a donut? Is it a muffin? Why can’t it be both?!

A quick google search tells me that this is not a new product for Krispy Kreme (I found articles about the kruffin dating back as far as 2010), but as I spend the bulk of my time in east Asia, and I’ve never seen a kruffin in Korea or Thailand, this is news to me, so imma blogging about it.

image image image image

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