Nescafé Instant Arabic Coffee

Hi folks, I don’t know if I have any regular followers of this blog or whether the folks who check in here are just researching visits or moves to Asia. Regardless, after quite a few months (years, really) of being down on my luck, things may be starting to pick up. I moved to Thailand where the jobs were plentiful but the pay was abysmal. Determined to get myself back on my feet, I snagged myself a job in Dubai (oh, okay, Sharjah). It turned out that my students there were AMAZING and the pay was definitely just what I needed to pick myself up out of poverty, but the management at my school behaved in a shocking way toward me (I’d elaborate, but this is meant to be a blog about food). I’d rather be treated with respect and preserve my own self-respect and self-worth, even if it means extending the time I spend living in dire poverty, so I made the difficult decision to leave my amazing students in Sharjah and I took a job in Kuwait, which is a place where I’ve already lived once before, so I know what I’m getting myself into. I hope.

I’ve been back in Kuwait for a month now, and I’ve got a few fun food posts to share. The first is about Nescafé’s brand of instant Arabic coffee which I’ve been noticing around lately. Arabic coffee is different from “normal” joe in that it is extremely strong, has cardamom mixed in with the coffee beans, and is meant to be sipped from tiny little cups.


The display in CityCentre Salmiya for Nescafé instant Arabic coffee is pretty amazing.


The box contains only three sticks of instant coffee, but each stick makes an entire pot of Arabic coffee, which is meant to be sipped from tiny little cups.


Sultan Centre in Salmiya was giving away free samples. I was curious, so i gave it a try. It was pretty good; not as strong as other Arabic coffees I’ve had, but that’s alright with me as, personally, I think Arabic coffees tend to be too strong on the cardamom. For my tastes, this one was perfect. The stand at Sultan Centre also had dates to nibble along with the coffee sample, and really, who can say ‘no’ to a delicious date?

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