Chrysanthemum Bread

IMG_0295[1] IMG_0297[1]

There is a stand in Itaewon that sells various Korean street snacks.  Y’all know the one– it’s the lady who’s more-or-less right in front of Dunkin Donuts.  Anyway, I guess I’ve never really paid close enough attention to what she puts in her Chrysanthemum Bread because one day, I had three concurrent thoughts: (1) That sounds like it could be interesting, (2) It would be good for the blog, and (3) I’m going to order some.

This was only a good idea if you like those pastry-like things that are shaped like fish and filled with red beans, because, in reality, that is exactly what Chrysanthemum Bread in Itaewon is, and I’d just never noticed that this ajumma was putting red bean filling in her treats.  Delicious, but only if you like pastries filled with red bean filling.


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