Mandu Ramyeon



Ramyeon has many different faces.  There’s regular ramyeon, cheese ramyeon (ramyeon with a slice of processed cheese on top– I don’t understand the appeal), haemul ramyeon (ramyeon with seafood), ddeok ramyeon (ramyeon with ddeok), and the list goes on.  I try not to order ramyeon when I’m at a restaurant.  For however cheap you can get ramyeon at a Gimbap Chunguk (it will only set you back about $3), I just have a hard time ordering it when I know I could have the exact same thing for so much cheaper if I just made it for myself at home.  But when I do cave in and order ramyeon at a restaurant, I always go for mandu ramyeon because it’s got delicious mandu in it.  Mmmmmm….


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