Jjajjangmyeon is one of my favourite Korean foods.  Actually, it’s not entirely Korean.  It’s Korean-style Chinese food.  But that is to say that you likely won’t find jjajjangmyeon in China (although I could be entirely wrong), but you will easily find it in Korea.  It’s noodles with a black bean sauce on top.  If you don’t like noodles or if you think eating noodles with chopsticks is too cumbersome, you can order jjajjangbap and have the black bean sauce over rice, instead.  Also, vegetarians be warned: jjajjangmyeon almost always has pieces of pork mixed in with the sauce, so this is likely not the best dish for you.

The reason why I wanted to post about jjajjangmyeon on this specific day, though, is because jjajjangmyeon is a special food on April 14th.  You see, Koreans are known for their matching couple ridiculousness.  They’re known for being ridonculously lovey dovey.  They have a romantic day for almost every month of the year (Valentine’s Day, White Day, Diary Day, Wine Day, Peppero Day, etc).  Maybe they couldn’t think of TWELVE romantic holidays, or maybe they just wanted to rub it in to the single folk that they don’t have anyone to celebrate the special day with, but they created a day for single people.  This day is called Black Day.  I wish I were making this up.  But I’m not.  Black Day is a day for single people and all single people in Korea are meant to go to a restaurant and eat black food (ie., jjajjangmyeon) as they feel lonely and think about being single and stuff.

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