Got Bulgogi? A NPR reporter’s perplexed quest to understand the ad

I won’t deny it.  I love Korea and everything about it.  Sure, living in Korea has its challenges, especially if you’re a foreigner, but if/when you learn to roll with the punches, living in Korea is a great life.  It’s fabulous.  Korea really is every bit as amazing as Koreans want you to believe it is.  And bulgogi is certainly delicious.

got bulgogi

One of Korea’s charms is that it is so funny and quirky.  Whereas to a Westerner, an ad advertising a food in general (as opposed to a product or service) seems just bizarre as no one in particular stands to gain from it, well, let’s just say that’s not the oddest thing I’ve ever seen in Korea.  So I enjoyed this NPR article not only because the ad is bizarre, but because the person investigating it simply does not get that that bizarre, quirky quality is an embedded, amusing, lovable part of of Korean culture.

So, if this isn’t the oddest thing about Korea that I’ve ever seen, what is?  Well, let’s not forget that Korea is the country that brought us poo suckers, the Americoke, and this genius pizza commercial, but if you’re still not convinced of Korea’s lovable quirky charms, I’m just gonna leave these few photos here for your viewing pleasure:

glass housespoo tigerkorean park

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