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Yesterday, I posted about the Bulgogi Burger over at McDonalds.  Well, Korea has its very own chain of fast food, Lotteria.  And Lotteria has its very own Bulgogi Burger.  The Hanwoo Bulgogi Burger to be exact.  But this is NOT the most interesting thing on offer at Lotteria.  No, no.  Follow me…

Food 017

Not only does Lotteria serve up a standard Bulgogi Burger, they’ve got a version where instead of a normal bun, the “bun” is two sticky rice patties with veggies mixed in with the rice.  This reminded me of the sticky rice burgers I found at 7-Eleven in Thailand once, but Lotteria’s sticky rice buns do not hold up as well as Thai 7-Eleven’s sticky rice buns do.

Food 019Food 020Food 021Food 022

But perhaps even more intriguing than the vege (sic) rice bulgogi burger is the Shrimp Burger (not pictured) and the Squid Burger (pictured below).  Both the Shrimp Burger and the Squid burger feature patties made of shrimp and squid, respectively.  The Shrimp Burger is relatively mild and features a thousand island-type of sauce, while the Squid Burger is fiery hot.  I guess that’s why I’ve got a soft spot for it because I simply adore fiery hot food.

Food 018Food 023 Food 025Food 026

Oh, and one last funny Konglish thing that I love about the Squid Burger: its packaging features the exhortation to eat the burger as quickly as possible.  To be fair to Lotteria, I understand the point they were trying to make, but in the end, the grammar they chose means they ended up urging their customers to do something entirely different.  I challenge thee to eat this as fast as possible!  I am very competitive and cannot resist a challenge… do I sense a Squid Burger eating competition coming on?

Food 024

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