McDonalds in Korea

While there isn’t a cool Korean Ronald McDonald the way there is a cool Thai Ronald in Thailand, McDonalds in Korea is still pretty special.  You can order the bulgogi burger, which is a nod to Korea’s national cuisine.IMG_0238[1]IMG_0239[1]

Aside from the bulgogi burger, I just wanted to point out that I have never had a more beautiful Big Mac anywhere in the world than in Korea.  I take this as proof positive that when Koreans do anything, they are going to do it RIGHT!  Just look at how beautiful that Big Mac is!


I mean, it’s perfection.



I only have to wonder now when McDonalds in Korea will clue into the fact that kimchi and pork are the hot new Korean fusion ingredients.  Can’t you just picture it?  The McKimchi Bacon Burger?  The McPulled Pork with Kimchi?  Mmmm, McDonalds, the kimchibilities are endless….


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