Kimchi Pizza

IMG_0125[1] IMG_0126[1]


If you were digging my post about kimchi fries yesterday, you’ll probably dig this, too: a pizza topped with cheese, onions, kimchi, and bacon.  It’s simply mouthgasmic.  Find it at Bonny’s Pizza Pub in Haebangchon (near Noksapyeong Station).


4 thoughts on “Kimchi Pizza

  1. I’m thinking this but with Bulgogi in place of bacon would be amazing! I know what I’m trying next time I have pizza!

    • I don’t know how I missed this comment– sorry, HallyuNoona! Bulgogi would taste good with this pizza, for sure. Unless you make it yourself, though, it might be hard to find. Bacon seems to be the trendy pairing with kimchi these days.

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