Improvised Soju Apple “Lattes” at Starbucks



Since I seem to have a coffee shop theme going this week, let me just tell you that this happened the other week.  I was in line at Starbucks waiting to buy a cherry blossom latte, and the guy behind me starts talking to me.  He was friendly and funny, and when you’re an expatriate, it’s totally cool to be friendly and funny and chatty with strangers.  Then, his friend showed up, and I invited myself to join them at their table to chat a little more.  Here’s what we did.  We downed our lattes and used our empty cups to mix soju and apple juice, and then we all had a little tipple.  It was spontaneous, it was fun, it was harmless, although I’m fairly certain that Starbucks would neither approve of nor endorse this behaviour.  But it was a fun, quirky, this-is-actually-happening kind of moment.


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