Dolsot Bibimbap

IMG_0259[1] IMG_0260[1] IMG_0261[1]


Dolsot bibimbap is rice and vegetables with a raw egg on top served in a stone hot pot.  Don’t worry about the egg being raw because as soon as the dish arrives at your table, you are meant to mix it all together, and the pot is so hot that it will cook your egg.  I promise.  This is delicious, and absolutely one of my favourite Korean foods of all time.

3 thoughts on “Dolsot Bibimbap

    • Yeah… when it comes to Asian food, I’m really more of an eater than a cook (although I can make a very few Thai dishes really well). Here’s a classic Canadian recipe for you, though: Put some french fries in a bowl, top with cheese curds, top with gravy. Enjoy! Mmmmmmmmmm…. 🙂

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