Wang Mandu

Mandu is one of my favourite guilty pleasures in Korea.  I guess the best way to describe mandu is “dumpings”.  I love it, I just can’t get enough, but I force myself to order it sparingly for fear I might start to get sick of it.

Mandu has many incarnations, but one that I discovered after a whole TWO years in Korea was wang mandu.  “Wang” means “king”, so wang mandu is the king of all mandu.  It’s huge, and for a piddly 4000 won (about 4 bucks), you get SIX of these massive suckers.


Even if you can’t read Korean, wang mandu shops are easy to spot because they have these huge steaming pots out front.


Wang mandu comes with some soy sauce and some daikon (a kind of sweet pickled yellow radish which I think is just delicious).

IMG_0090[1]  IMG_0093[1]

It’s mashisayo.


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