Paris Baguette


My friend and I hung out the other week, and we stopped in at Paris Baguette.  When I first moved to Korea nine years ago, Paris Baguette was, in my opinion, kinda gross.  But they’ve evolved and they now offer things which not only look appealing but actually are appealing.  We had an apple and raisin danish thingy (which, it turned out, was hiding some delicious custard), a peanut bun thingy which a delicious cream (not bland the way it would have been in nine-years-ago Korea) with strawberries, a donut which we chose because it was called the “Memorable Donut”, and a spinach breadstick.  All was delicious.  And I would go back for more of everything we had (except for, oddly, the memorable donut, which turned out to be not so memorable).


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