Alright, I’ve talked about Burma in the past and made multiple references to how I’ve left Burma… but WHERE DID I GO?!?!  Easy, Korea.  Korea is the single easiest place for a foreigner to move to (although this is changing and I might soon start having new favourite places to move to).  Whenever my life is going nowhere fast, I head to Korea to get my life back in order and to make some quick cash.  I love Korea, I love the cities here, I love the countryside here, I love the fashions, I love the subway, I love the quirkiness.  Oh, and I love the food, so we are in for some good times on this blog.

I flew over to Korea on Korean Air.  If you ever fly with Korean Air and one of the choices for the meal service is bibimbap, DEFINITELY CHOOSE THE BIBIMBAP!  The hostess will be shocked that a waygook ordered bibimbap, and also, there is no possible way you can go wrong.  Bibimbap is basically just rice, vegetables, maybe some meat, usually an egg (if the bibimbap is cold, it will be a fried egg, but if the bibimbap is served in a stone hot pot, it will be a raw egg).  What you’re meant to do is mix together the rice and veggies, along with a spicy red bean paste (the word for this in Korean is “gochujang”).  Once it’s mixed well, you are supposed to eat it with a spoon, which is handy if your chopstick skills leave something to be desired.

I’ve had Korean Air’s bibimbap several times before, and I’m always impressed with what a tasty airplane meal this is.  Mmmm, airplane bibimbap….

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