mohinga 2mohinga 1


I’ve mentioned before that Burmese food is not my favourite cuisine.  However, I did really enjoy mohinga.  Mohinga is a type of soup with rice noodles in a fish broth with vegetables.  Often, the vendors have a kind of deep-fried corn cracker which you can pay extra to have added to your mohinga.  When the vendors serve you the mohinga, there are sides of coriander, dried red chili flakes, and lime wedges, which you can add to taste.  Burmese people do NOT like spicy food, so they were always horrified by the amount of red chili flakes that I added to my mohinga, but I liked it just fine.  

If you go to Burma and are aghast by the prices there, you will be able to eat cheaply and just fine on mohinga.  It usually runs about 400 kyats (about 50 cents) per serving, and that includes a free refill of broth plus, depending on the vendor, unlimited tea. 


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