Shan Noodles

shan noodles

Alright, so I didn’t love Burmese food.  At all.  Most of it has fermented fish paste as a dominant ingredient.  Even if used in small doses, fermented fish paste just can’t help being dominant.  I mean, it’s something you’ve gotta smell to believe.  But there were a few Burmese foods that I could not only stomach, but actually sincerely enjoyed, and Shan noodles was one such food.

You can get Shan noodles all over Yangon, but I would always get mine from the HomeK restaurant in the corridor between C Block and D Block of the Pearl Condo Complex.  Shan noodles is basically rice noodles with a kind of chicken bolognese, topped with deep fried garlic, ground peanuts, sesame seeds, and a few other things that I can’t remember anymore.  It comes with a side of chicken stock, which you are meant to pour over your noodles.  Then, you mix it all up, and it is delicious!


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