Mango Season

burma food 9

Mango season in South Asia starts around May and lasts through until July or August.  You never really realise just how many mango trees there are in Yangon until the mangoes start dropping at your feet as you’re walking down the street.  That’s what happened just before I took this photo.  I was walking home from the supermarket and a mango dropped out of the sky just a few feet in front of me.  I was all, “It’s raining MANgoes!”  Bad puns aside, I couldn’t help taking a picture of the mango where it had dropped at my feet so I’d always remember the time I lived in the place where huge, fresh, ripe, juicy, delicious mangoes dropped from the sky at your feet, a seeming offering from the gods.  Now, I’m back to living in a place where I have to go to a supermarket and spend $10 if I want to enjoy a mango.  Ah, nostalgia.  Le sigh…

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