Dragonfruit… and ants!

burma food 2

The guy I was dating in Burma had heard that one of his favourite musicians would always start his day with fruit, so my boyfriend then started eating fruit for breakfast, so then I started always eating fruit for breakfast.

Pretty much the only fruit I would ever eat in Burma was dragonfruit.  It’s the fruit that is hot pink on the outside and looks kind of spiky, but is super easy to cut into.  On the inside, you find about a million tiny black seeds embedded into flesh that is either blood red or pure white, as in this picture.  On the particular day that I took this photo, I wasn’t hungry enough for a whole dragonfruit, so I ate only hlf.  Since I was in a rush, I forgot to put the other half of the fruit away, and when I came home from work later that day, I found my dragon fruit absolutely crawling with ants.  Yep, if you look carefully at this photo, all those little brown things are ants.  And, what’s more, it took a few tries before I got the picture I liked, and by the time I snapped this particular picture, a LOT of the ants had gotten spooked and gone away.

2 thoughts on “Dragonfruit… and ants!

    • I’m not in the least apprehensive about eating dragonfruit. I used to eat them every day for breakfast. But this particular dragonfruit was so fargone with all the ants crawling all over it that the only thing to do was throw it in the trash.

      Unless you man give the exboyfriend a big bite, in which case…

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