Sugar Cane Juice

burma food 8

I feel almost hypocritical posting about sugar cane juice: I never tried any for the entire three years that I lived in Burma.  A serious bout of amoebic dysentery immediately after arriving in the country left me pretty wary of pretty much any Burmese street food.  But I regret not ever trying the sugar cane juice from this vendor.  He was always set up right outside of the entrance to my apartment building; I’d just walk right past.  And as much as I tell people now about how I lived in a slum in Burma (I really did), it was vendors like the sugar cane vendor that ensured that I secretly really did like my neighbourhood.


5 thoughts on “Sugar Cane Juice

    • I’m flattered and honoured, but I’m not sure I’d have anything substantial to contribute with regard to Burmese recipes. While I was there, I didn’t eat much Burmese food, nor did I learn how to cook any. If you’re looking for other types of recipes, as well, though, I do love to cook and would be happy to participate. 🙂

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