I’m back!

burma food 1

Sorry I went awol for so long.  I got /really/ depressed when I got back to Burma.  I was a local hire, which meant I made less than a subsistence wage (for a foreigner– even if people won’t admit it there, Burma IS a country that has a dual pricing system) and my boss was downright abusive towards me (he was not Burmese, though– he was also a foreigner).  I was just so depressed and stressed out that I didn’t care about anything, including this blog.  Maybe, actually, especially this blog, since the foods I was intending to post about were all Burmese food and I was just at such a low point in Burma that blogging about Burmese food depressed the hell out of me.

I’m actually not in Burma anymore.  And I’m feeling moderately better.  Thanks. But I DO have a few Burmese food photos to share, so I may as well go ahead and share those.  Lemme start with this one.

This is a typical street vendor in the downtown area.  Erm, at least, it was a typical street vendor in the downtown area three years ago.  Burma changes so fast and I actually left three months ago that I have no idea whether these guys are still around or whether they’ve been supplanted by new shiny buildings.  (Anything is possible– I went six months once without going downtown in Yangon, and when I finally did venture down that way, I hardly recognised it, everything was so different).

Anyway, I took this photo, and then I ate one of this man’s curries.  And then I got amoebic dysentery.  I’m not SAYING that that’s where I got it, but that was the sequence of events…

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