Green Tea Blizzard with Almonds

green tea blizzard (1) green tea blizzard (2)

When I’m waiting for a flight out of Suvarnabhumi, I’m usually going to someplace much more remote and much less comfortable, like Burma.  That means that Suvarnabhumi is my last goodbye to all of the comforts which I can enjoy in Bangkok, and I have a little tradition at Suvarnabhumi of paying homage to the various airport royalty.  I go see the Burger King and eat a Whopper.  Then I go see the Dairy Queen and enjoy a blizzard.

This time around, I noticed that they were offering green tea blizzards.  Now, I’m sure I’ve mentioned recently that I don’t LOVE green tea, but I thought it might make a good entry to this blog, so I went with a green tea almond blizzard as one last hurrah before returning to Myanmar.  Here it is, folks!

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