anne's sweet (1) anne's sweet (2)

So, it’s my last day in Bangkok, and I decided to treat myself (and I mean REALLY treat myself) before heading back to Myanmar, so I stopped in at Anne’s Sweet on Pra Arthit Road.  I’d been in Anne’s Sweet before and bought a brownie, and it was really good, but I stopped myself from going back because my budget just doesn’t allow for me to go and eat a 150 Baht piece of cake ever day.  But before I go back to Burma, umm, yeah, I’ll buy TWO 150 Baht pieces of cake, OKAY?!  I have to say, I was super impressed with the girl who works at Anne’s Sweet.  Here is roughly how our dialogue went:

Me: Which is better, the mango raspberry mousse or the strawberry cheesecake?
Girl: Ummm, it would be hard to say.  They’re both really good.
Me: Yeah, but one has to be better.  C’mon… which one is better?
Girl: Really, they’re all very good.
Me: Yeah, but which one would YOU choose?
Girl: I guess I would take the mango raspberry mousse…
Me: I’ll go with that, then!
<literally, about three minutes later>
Me: Can I also order the strawberry cheesecake?
Girl: You’re finished the mango mousse already?!
Me: Yeah, and now I’d like to order the strawberry cheesecake now, please.
Girl: I really don’t think that’s a good idea.  I think that’s much too much sugar.  It’s too rich after what you just ate.  IT’S TOO MUCH!
Me: Oh, I’m going back to Burma tomorrow, though, and I want to have a lot of nice things before I go!
Girl: (doubtfully) Okaaaaayyyyyy….

Which, I think everything about that exchange is incredible.  Normally, I’m not super impressed when someone at a café or restaurant tells me that EVERYTHING on their menu is good.  I always assume that they’re lying or they haven’t tried everything or something.  But in this case, the girl was telling the straight-up truth.  The mango mousse and the strawberry cheesecake were EQUALLY good, and that means they were fucking delicious.  I also actually LOVE the fact that she tried to talk me out of buying the second dessert.  In North America, it would be like, “Some idiot gonna eat much too much and we gonna make some money off it” but here she actually CARED about the state of my health, even if it meant not making a 150 Baht sale and I was the one who had to talk her into letting me be extremely unhealthy.  And that impressed me to no end.  It impressed me so much that I think absolutely everyone should find it in their budget and go try the cakes at Anne’s Sweet.

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