Deep Fried Bananas

deep fried bananas 1 deep fried bananas 2 deep fried bananas 3

I went to Silom to pick up my new Myanmar visa the other day.  I planned it a bit early so I could walk down to the post office and mail some presents to my family before heading over to the embassy to collect my passport.  Well, walking down the street where the Myanmar embassy is, I came across a guy making deep fried bananas.  It was a beautiful thing.  I stopped, wanted to take a picture, realised my camera batter had just died (I think it’s time for a new camera), said I was going to go to the post office but would be back in 20 minutes, but by the time I got back to where the deep fried banana vendor was, he was gone!  I tried not to sweat it.  I mean, the bananas would have made a beautiful photo, and the also looked pretty delicious, but after all, they were just bananas.  So I went to the embassy to get my passport.  But what happened was that there was a super long line in front of the embassy for the visa collection to open up, and I didn’t feel like waiting in the line, so I went for a walk instead.  I just went and walked up and down the street in Silom (but in the opposite direction of the post office), and lo and behold! there was my banana vendor!  He had switched locations on me, that slippery little banana vendor!

When I realised that this banana vendor was the SAME one as the one who had been in front of the embassy, I pointed and said, “IT’S YOU!” and he replied with a big friendly grin.  He was also just in the process of starting a new batch of bananas, so I stood around and watched him make his deep fried bananas.  he was really kind.  He let me sample one of the deep fried bananas that was left from a previous batch, and then he told me about the other sweets he had.  He had deep fried potatoes, some kind of deep fried ball with sesame seeds, and a deep fried ball made with coconut milk.  And as I stood there watching him make his deep fried bananas, he let me sample one of everything he had.  What a sweetheart!

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