Fish Pad Thai

fish pad thai yum yum 1

Okay, so I’ve got a little confession to make.  After my exciting green curry / fish cake find at 7-Eleven, as I was leaving the store, I noticed the key-maker man outside of 7-Eleven was sitting next to his cart eating his lunch, and it looked WONDERFUL!  I asked him where he got it, and he pointed down the street, so I kind of set off down the street on a mission to find whatever it was he was having.  Finally, I found a vendor that was selling what looked like what the man had been eating and you know what she told me it was?  You guessed it: pad thai!  But clearly not the pad thai that tourists are normally used to seeing because this pad thai did not have noodles in it.  Instead there were massive chunks of fried fish.

I’m kind of a believer in the notion that your cravings are your body’s way of telling you what it needs, and I don’t think I’ve been getting enough fatty acids lately, because as soon as I saw that fish, I realised that ALL I wanted right then and there was some fish.

fish pad thai prep 1 fish pad thai prep 2

This vendor fried the fish with some egg and eventually added some bean sprouts, green onion, and other pad thai fixins like peanuts, sugar, dried chili flakes, and vinegar with jalapeno peppers in it.  When it was all said and done, she scooped it all onto a banana leaf plate, which I thought was muy exciting.  Ever since my Lao food adventure, I’ve started developing a mini theory that the banana leafier the plate, the street foodier the food.  Whaddyathink?

fish pad thai yum yum 2

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