7-Eleven Meals in Thailand, Curry Edition!

Green curry, rice, and fish cakes from 7-Eleven

On my way back from Sathorn Pier after applying for a new Myanmar visa at the embassy, I was feeling a little thirsty, so I stopped in at the 7-Eleven just before the pier and I noticed something INCREDIBLE: ready-made meals in RED trays!  Now, I’ve seen their ready-made meals in black trays (usually a fried rice or minced meat-type mixture with rice, but always involving rice), I’ve seen their meals in beige trays (my beloved soy protein option), and I’ve seen their meals in orange trays (no clue what the orange signifies– maybe rice dishes that are not Thai?), but I had yet to see the red trays.  Well, I just had to stop and inspect this situation.  I found rice with omelette, rice with omelette with red curry, and this little number which I ended up making mine: rice with green curry with two playful little fishcakes.  I mean, what is not to love about any of that, no?

Oh, it was heavenly!  The green curry was everything it should be, and the fish cakes were pretty near as good as the ones I got form my street vendor the other week.  All in all, a pretty darned amazing 7-Eleven meal!

Oh, and also, I LOVE the checkerboard tables that are all over the place in Bangkok, don’t you?

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