Sweet Beef

Even though this post is titled "Sweet Beef" and there is, in fact, plenty of sweet beef available in Paragon, it's actually pork pictured here.  Same same but different, ya know?!

Even though this post is titled “Sweet Beef” and there is, in fact, plenty of sweet beef available in Paragon, it’s actually pork pictured here. Same same but different, ya know?!

Another thing which you can get in Gourmet World at Siam Paragon is sweet beef.  It’s sort of like beef jerky, but a little bit sweet.  And you can choose either pork or beef.

Since I spent a significant portion of my childhood in a meat packing plant, these types of artisanal products really interest me.  You see, my dad was a small business owner, a butcher, and an artisan.  He created the most locally-sourced, highest-quality meats I’ve ever seen in my life.  He really had a real skill and was running a business that was about two decades ahead of its time.  If he ran the same business and produced the same products nowadays, I’m pretty sure that would be a million-dollar company, but back then, nobody was interest in buying local or in high-quality, locally-made cured meats and my dad was forced to compete with Safeway as far as pricing because otherwise nobody would have bought our meats.  My, how times change.

I always tell people that the reason why I don’t eat much meat as an adult is that I grew up in a meat packing plant.  Everyone always assumes that what I mean by that is that I saw how gross the process of, well, processing meat can be, but what I actually mean by it is that the quality of the meats we produced at our meat packing plant ruined me for all other meat.  I could go to a fancy restaurant and spend $100 on a steak and be disappointed because it doesn’t come close to the 21-day aged meats we used to make.  I can’t order, I don’t know, honey garlic porkchops because they will not come close to the tender, saturated-with-flavour creations my dad used to make.  I don’t even like buying coldcuts (even the ones that are supposedly hand-made and high quality) because I just know that salami will not be as good as the salami of my childhood (am I the only one with a mind in the gutter who is slightly creeped out by that sentence I just wrote– the sentence was meant with the most innocent of connotations, I swear).  The only thing that’s still the same is bacon, because bacon will be good no matter what.

But every now and then, I get a craving or feel compelled to sample some locally smoked meat.  This one did not disappoint.  It was really impressive, actually.   I sent some to my dad who, in my eyes, is the god of meat, and when it arrived in Canada, even he agreed that it was pretty wonderful.  The god of meat approves!

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