Coconut Candies

coconut candies (1) coconut candies (2)

I am a girl of tradition.  I have traditions for pretty much everything I do.  I’d say it almost borders on obsessive-compulsive, but I don’t want to make fun of a serious disorder.  But let’s just leave it at, when I go certain places, there are things which I feel very strongly compelled to do and it just wouldn’t be right if I did things out of order.  Like when I go to Siam Paragon.  I could never rock up to Siam Paragon and head directly to, say, H&M.  No, no, no, no, NO!  When I walk into the mall, I either go directly to Krispy Kreme or Starbucks.

From there, I walk around the food court and just look at the food and the people (because both the food and the people tend to be gorgeous in this food court).  One time I heard a wealthy tourist woman say to the man she was with, “Well, this must be all this street food we keep hearing about in Bangkok” and I thought to myself, “Awww, bless them. That’s pretty cute.”

Anyway, after my little stroll around the food court, I inevitably end up in Gourmet World.  Sometimes, I end up filling up a small basket with supplies to bring back to Burma, but usually I’m content to just look at all my favourite things.  Balsamic vinegar?  Check!  It still exists!  Pepperidge Farms Soft-Baked Cookies?  Check!  They’re still real, too!  Haribo gummy coke bottles?  Check!  They’re there!  Creme de Marrons de L’Ardeche?  Check!  Yep, it’s there, too!

Then, I feel compelled to look at all of the baking supplies.  I end up standing in front of something really silly for probably a full twenty minutes master-debating with myself, “But do you really need a Hello Kitty madeleine mould?”  Finally, after walking around looking at all of the things I love and standing in front of the baking supplies dreaming about things I could bake if only I had an oven (which I don’t, so I guess the correct answer would be, “No, I don’t need a Hello Kitty madeleine mould, even if it is pink and adorable”), I do one last round around the entire supermarket, but this time for SAMPLES!  And one of my favourite samples is the soft coconut candy wrapped in I-think-maybe bamboo.  I’m not sure if it counts as sampling if you eat more than one, let alone five of them in a row, but I tell myself it’s okay.

These candies are glorious!  They’re soft and chewy, but they’re not even a little sweet.  They just taste like coconut, and it is wonderful!


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