Lemongrass on Earth

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Every time I come to Bangkok, I treat myself and go to Siam Paragon.  I have a file saved on my desktop called The Bangkok List, and it has on it everything that I simply must buy and eat while I’m in Bangkok.  I created this list in part because I’m neurotic, in part because I really have nothing better to do with my time in Burma because I’m underpaid and Burma is expensive so I can’t afford to do hardly anything in Yangon, and in part so I don’t forget anything and then kick myself when I get back to Burma and realise I forgot to buy tea tree body wash from the Body Shop or enough Boots brand coconut shampoo and conditioner to last until my next Bangkok trip or at least 5,000 Baht worth of books and magazines or some new bras from Marks and Spencer because you tend to go through bras pretty quickly in such a hot climate and Marks and Spencer sells super cute, super comfy cotton bras in packs of two for a pretty reasonable price or whathaveyou.

Anyway, one of the food items on this list is an ice cream which you can get in Gourmet World in Siam Paragon (you have to go into the actual supermarket, not just the massive foodcourt).  I swear to the Almighty Spaghetti Monster that this ice cream used to be called “Lemongrass on Earth”, but now it’s just called boring old “Lemongrass”.  Either way, it’s the same thing, and it tastes delicious (even if “Lemongrass on Earth” was a much cooler name).  Have YOU ever tried lemongrass ice cream?  If not, get thee to a gourmet ice cream shop and give it a whirl!  Or, if your favourite or best nearby ice cream shop doesn’t carry a lemongrass flavoured ice cream, you could try making some for yourself.  Over at my ice cream blog, I shared a recipe for Lemon Lemongrass Ice Cream which I created in a sort of failed attempt at recreating Lemongrass on Earth (if the sole purpose of that ice cream making expedition was to recreate Lemongrass on Earth, then it was a failed attempt but if you factor in the fact that Lemon Lemongrass Ice Cream is stupidly delicious in its own right, then it was a glorious success).  And the observant reader might notice that at the bottom of my ice cream cup is a green ice cream with some black specks in it.  That is green tea ice cream with poppyseeds.  I don’t normally  like green tea ice cream, but the addition of poppyseeds made this ice cream magical.

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