Corn and Red Bean Dutchie-brand Yogurt


When I was in Laos, I discovered a brand of yogurt which I really fell in love with.  Here in Thailand, there is also a popular brand of yogurt (although there is something just so much less hipster about Dutchie Yogurt than there is abou Xaoban Yogurt).  I kind of really like Dutchie Yogurt, though, and at roughly 50 cents for a small container, how can you really go wrong?  I usually just go for their strawberry flavour, or sometimes their tropical fruit flavour.  There is a flavour which I always avoid because, for however much of my life which I’ve spent in Asia, I still haven’t learned to love either red beans or corn in desserts.  I mean, I know that certain vegetables have a fairly high sugar content so they lend themselves well to being incorporated into desserts (carrot cake, anyone?) , and I also know that corn has a high sugar content and is used to make high-fructose/glucose syrup (essentially, corn is an ingredient in nearly ever single pre-packaged food available in North America, even if the ingredients label doesn’t say so outright), but it’s just…. corn in my yogurt?  Really?

But in the interests of food exploration, I decided to give it a go and, just to be safe, I bought a container of the coconut flavour to wash it down with (because coconut yogurt is also purdy darn yummy, too) and, as pretty much always, I was super glad I had some yummy coconut yogurt to wash down my corn and red bean yogurt with.  Food items that have the texture of either red beans or yellow corn both belong in a hearty stew, or in a burrito, but certainly not in my smooth, delicious yogurt.



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