Iced Coffee

iced coffee 1

Iced coffee is kind of everywhere in Bangkok.  In Asia, when you order coffee, there is a very high probability that the coffee vendor is going to mix some sweetened condensed milk into it, but as a person who was not even remotely a coffee drinker before moving to Asia, that is actually totally fine with me.  I kinda like it with sweetened condensed milk mixed in.  When (or if) I move back to Canada, I’m going to be that eccentric person who insists on keeping a can of sweetened condensed milk around just to pour in my coffee.

Depending on the vendor who you buy from, it can cost anywhere from 20 Baht to 35 Baht, which is about half the price of what you would pay in one of the cute little cafes on Pra Arthit Road and fully a quarter of what you would pay if you got something similar from Starbucks.  What I really love about the iced coffee here in Thailand is the way it is served.  They always slip a plastic “bag” around the cup with a handle so you don’t have to hold on to a cold sweaty cup.  I likes it.  =)

iced coffee 2 iced coffee 3


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