Thai Omelettes

thai omelette 1 thai omelette 2 thai omelette 3

The other day, I randomly walked past a food fair and, well, I couldn’t really pass that up, could I?  One of the stands at the food fair was selling these Thai omelettes, and they were so reminiscent of the Lao omelettes I had in Laos that I felt pretty much obligation to give this a shot.  Well, this omelette was pretty tasty, but it was no Lao omelette, that’s for sure.  Inside, there were peanuts, coconut, tofu, bean sprouts, chives, and one ingredient which I wasn’t sure of.  Whereas the Lao omelette was fully savoury, this Thai omelette was a little bit sweet.  I miss Laos.  I want another Lao omelette…

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