Green Curry with Vegetables over Rice

green curry with vegetables

I know, I know– I keep talking about being a flexitarian, and then I keep posting all of these meat dishes.  Well, for one thing, being a vegetarian in a lot of parts of Asia is HARD!  For another thing, quite often, the most interesting dishes on the menu involve meat.  I mean, for realises, tell me my pork and rice does not look and sound heavenly (can’t you hear it?)  Or try to convince me this soup is not irresistible.  Or this soup.  Tell me the crocodile pate did not simply need to be sampled.

But I jest.  Here is a vegetarian option I’ll often order in Bangkok.  There is a sidewalk café on Soi Rambuttri where I like to eat from time to time, and the dish I always order is green curry with vegetables over rice.  And I really love it.  See?  Proof that I’m not carnivorious 100% of the time!


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