7-Eleven Mooncakes

mooncakes 1

I’m not sure what else there is to say about mooncakes.  I mean, I kind of hate them.  There is nothing delicious about them, and in the middle, there is a rock solid egg yolk.  BUT, 7-Eleven also sells mooncakes.  Good ol’ 7-Eleven.  And their mooncakes are so pretty.  Naturally, I felt somewhat compelled to try them.  I’m such a sucker for good-looking food (if only I had the same weakness for boys, but alas! When it comes to men, I usually get weak-kneed around chubby gingers—when I see a chubby ginger man, it’s just kind of like, “Stick a baby in me, I’m done!”). As far as I can see, they have three flavours of mooncake over at 7-Eleven: durian, fruit and nut, and lotus.  Durian pretty much tops my list of least favourite fruits.  Fruit and nut looked pretty safe, but I kind of wanted to try something interesting, so I went with the lotus one. I don’t know if I was expecting the lotus flavour to give my mooncake magical properties that turned it into something delicious, but it certainly didn’t.  It was just another really super gross mooncake.  I really feel like I need to know: who actually likes these things?  And why?


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