Pork and Rice Redux

Pork n Rice 2 Pork n Rice 5

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy the pork and rice dish which is available here in Thailand.  The vendor I usually go to has a fixed stall in the same place on the sidewalk, so she’s easy to find whenever I want to find her.  The other day, I saw a roving pork and rice vendor and figured, “Ah, might as well give him a try, too.”  I’d say his pork and rice was about every bit as good as my usual sidewalk vendor.  The only thing I didn’t love about him was that there was nowhere nearby where I could sit down while I ate.  Also, he gave me one piece of pork which was mostly all fat.

Pork n Rice 3

To be fair, the fat was actually okay, as I just fed it to a hungry nearby cat.

Pork n Rice 4


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